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Since 1968

Danne & Sons Plumbing & Heating is the go-to plumbing contractor in Surrey.

Danne & Sons Plumbing Service in Surrey

When you entrust your plumbing to Danne & Sons, you are getting more than just a plumber. You’re getting a family-owned plumbing service in Surrey that cares about you and your project. We want to make sure you are fully satisfied with the job we do. We have been around since 1968 and we know how to keep our customers happy. You will appreciate the personal connection that we build with you and we hope that you will call us back when you need us again.

We can provide you with many services, such as:

Pipe repair

Hot water tank repair

Drain cleaning

Backflow prevention


And more

Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients. No project is beyond our ability. Whether you need a new construction, a renovation, or a simple repair, our skilled team can solve any problems and get the job done smoothly.

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Backflow Prevention

Non-potable water backflowing into your potable water system is never a good thing. When you connect all the pipes in your plumbing system, it is vital that you have a backflow preventer in place to keep things such as dishwashers, laundry machines, natural gas lines, or other undesirable substances from backing up into your drinking water. At Danne & Sons, we can install the backflow preventer and ensure you will never have to worry.


As part of our ongoing quest to provide you with more and better services, we have partnered with an excavation contractor, Brookview Contracting, to provide you with the best excavation services we can. From excavation sites to digging for driveways, they cover it all.

When you need the pros, give Danne & Sons a call and we will be happy to help.

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Commercial Plumbing

For any plumbing project big or small, give us a call.

Residential Services

Plumbing and water heating services for residential.

Drain Cleaning

Clear the blockages and clog from your drains.

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